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Carolina Gatti – The Best Natural Prosecco

Jun 27, 2019Giovanni Segni

Carolina Gatti is more than just one of the pioneer natural vignerons in Veneto’s prosecco area, sadly a land rich with ancient farming and vinification traditions and now sacrificed at the altar of chemical farming and production of serialized, industrialized so-called wines. She’s more of a jolly natural wine elemental spirit, her hair color changing from flamingo-pink to Incredible Hulk-green or Smurf-blue according to seasons and moods, brimming with unbridled energy passion for real wines.

In Carolina’s case this burning passion is supported by a solid and impeccable technical background, as she graduated with and Oenology degree in 2012 with a dissertation on the subject which is one of her life’s unending loves, the rare local variety Raboso del Piave. Her love for Raboso, a grape characterized by katana-sharp acidity and proudly unfashionable, is so deep-rooted that she called her blog “Rabosando.”

With Carolina we have a striking combination of on one hand conventional winemaking formal training, meaning that Carolina has seen and touched the Dark Side of the Force, on the other hand, the invaluable experience she gained since her childhood helping with the harvest and in the cellar of friends and relatives.

Strong of the knowledge gained, she consciously and fearlessly decided to follow a path truer to tradition, grapes and terroir. Carolina's estate is located in Ponte di Piave, in an area of Veneto called Marca Trevigiana, not far from Treviso, and covers about 5 hectares. Carolina's vineyards are trained with an ancient and almost extinct technique called “belussera”.

Belussera is a trellising system requiring rigorous manual labor and careful tending which produces low yields of exceptional quality. Some of the older vineyards - the estate has been in the family since the late 1800’s - are now more than 80 years old and Carolina loves them as if they were their own children. Carolina is helped in the vineyards by her father Lorenzo, her mother Renata, and her brother Lino.

Carolina Gatti, Natural Wine, Prosecco, Ancestral Method, Glera, Italian Wine, Cat and Wine, Primal Wine -

The estate is run in full harmony with the natural cycles and is essentially auto-sufficient: aside from the vineyards, the Gatti family raises free-range livestock both for meat and for the manure - the best organic vineyard fertilizer. Grains and cereals are also grown on the property, organically like everything else.

Fully conscious not only of the health risks of chemical agriculture but especially of the devitalizing, homogenizing effect it has on wines, Carolina only uses her own livestock-obtained natural fertilizer and tiny amounts of copper and sulfur in the vineyard. In the cellar, no additives or invasive procedures such as fining or filtration are utilized and all fermentations happen spontaneously.

Carolina’s most iconic and well-known wine is the Prosecco Bolle Corsare - formerly known as Bolle Bandite - which literally means “Pirate Bubbles.” The name is ironic, one of Carolina's main traits. Her natural Prosecco is not recognized as such by the official Prosecco commission, a fact of which she is undeniably proud. For her, this fact attests to the primal, authentic, and independent nature of her wines.

Bolle Corsare, wild-fermented in cement like all of Carolina’s wines, is a beautiful raging beast of unending aromas and flavors, light-years away from any Prosecco usually found on shelves on these shores - from big distribution to gas stations. Get Carolina Gatti Bolle Corsare Prosecco here!

Author: Giovanni Segni ©

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