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Mixed Natural Wine Club

Our most popular wine club, you will get a good mix of red, white, rosé, and orange, either still or pét-nat style.

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Red Natural Wine Club

Light and glou glou style or complex and structured, occasionally fizzy if you like pét-nats, we have them all!

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White Natural Wine Club

Zesty and refreshing, crisp with bright acidity, also pét-nat and often with some skin contact – yes, orange :)


We have a simple mission: making it easy for everyone to access natural wine no matter where they live.

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Orange Wines

Natural wines made with extended maceration on the skins.


What does it really mean? Are wines sold on Primal low sugar or sugar free?

Unless otherwise specified, all of Primal Wine's wines are dry wines. A wine can be considered a dry wine when all the grape sugar has been fermented into alcohol and CO2 by yeast. A dry wine, somewhat improperly but not incorrectly, can be defined as sugar free. All the sugar has been transformed into something else during fermentation.

This is not something exceptional. In fact, most of the wine on the market is fermented dry. Unless we are talking about very specific wines – some sparkling wines, dessert wines, wines used in religious ceremonies, or easy-to-identify mass-produced wine where high residual sugar is a stylistic choice.

Overemphasizing how we sell "zero sugar" wine is not what we do at Primal Wine – that's not our marketing angle. But by virtue of selling dry wine, we are selling "no sugar" or "sugar free" wine. I hope this clarifies some misconceptions about wine. Once again, most wine is dry. Making dry wine is the norm. Making sweet, high-sugar wine is the exception.