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We've been going strong since 2018, and this means we must be doing something right. We are not the only ones to think so, even without ever hiring a PR agency.
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These are some of your favorite natural wines and great value all around. Start here if you are buying for a wine party or a family dinner.

Orange Wine

Orange wine or skin contact wine is a type of wine made from white grapes where the skins are left to macerate with the must for an extended period of time.

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Vino que Vendrá

A wine blog dedicated to the places and faces of natural wine. Join us in our journey through terroir!
Jules Chauvet • The Godfather of Natural Wine
French winemaker and chemist Jules Chauvet was instrumental in the growth of the natural wine movement in the 20th century. To let the wine express its terroir and the character of the grapes, he argued for a minimal approach to...
Marcel Lapierre • Natural Wine Pioneer
One of France's founders of the natural wine movement is widely regarded as the French winemaker, Marcel Lapierre. Lapierre's approach to winemaking, which emphasized minimal intervention and the use of natural methods, has inspired a new generation of winemakers to...
Podere Pradarolo Tractor, Emilia-Romagna, Natural Wine -
Podere Pradarolo is located in Varano de' Melegari in Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy. The estate spans over 60 hectares, with only 5 hectares dedicated to vineyards.The journey of Podere Pradarolo began in 1989 when Alberto and Claudia Carretti transitioned from their...

Frequently asked question

Natural wine is, first and foremost, a farming product. This means there are no pesticides in the vineyard, and low intervention is preferred in the cellar. Ethical practices are respected throughout the entire process, especially labor practices.

Not all organic wines are natural, but all natural wines use organically or biodynamically grown grapes, usually hand-harvested. Natural wine has no added or minimal added sulfites (very low sulfites, at 10-100 ppm versus the allowed 350 ppm).

Natural wine can be cloudy or retain sediment due to a lack of filtration and clarification. It might be earthy, slightly effervescent, wild, enjoyably unpredictable, always endlessly interesting.

All of Primal Wine's wines are dry wines. A wine can be considered a dry wine when all the grape sugar has been fermented into alcohol and CO2 by yeast. A dry wine, somewhat improperly but not incorrectly, can be defined as sugar free. All the sugar has been transformed into something else during fermentation.

This is not something exceptional. In fact, most of the wine on the market is fermented dry. Unless we are talking about very specific wines – some sparkling wines, dessert wines, wines used in religious ceremonies, or easy-to-identify mass-produced wine where high residual sugar is a stylistic choice.

Overemphasizing how we sell "zero sugar" wine is not what we do at Primal Wine – that's not our marketing angle. But by virtue of selling dry wine, we are selling "no sugar" or "sugar free" wine. I hope this clarifies some misconceptions about wine. Once again, most wine is dry. Making dry wine is the norm. Making sweet, high-sugar wine is the exception.

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