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Podere Pradarolo, Emilia-Romagna Mon Amour

Podere Pradarolo is located in Varano de' Melegari in Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy. The estate spans over 60 hectares, with only 5 hectares dedicated to vineyards.

The journey of Podere Pradarolo began in 1989 when Alberto and Claudia Carretti transitioned from their careers to embrace winemaking. The estate's unique microclimate, characterized by mild temperatures and significant day-night thermal variations, provides an ideal environment for viticulture.

The Carrettis are committed to organic and biodynamic practices in the vineyard, focusing on local grape varieties such as Malvasia, Barbera, and Termarina. Their approach to winemaking emphasizes minimal intervention, utilizing only ambient yeasts for fermentation and avoiding additives. The vineyards thrive on soils of Cretaceous origin, rich in clays, sandstones, siltstones, and limestones, further enriching the complexity of their wines.

Podere Pradarolo's winemaking process is notable for its use of extended macerations in stainless steel and concrete tanks. Wines are made without sulfites, fining, or filtration.

We currently have only three cuvées in stock, but we are restocking a couple more wines this coming week – likely Ex Alba and Indocilis Orange Frizzante.

1) Podere Pradarolo Brut Cuvée Vej Metodo Classico NV

This is a Metodo Classico for the ages. Many (Italian) winemakers I spoke with in recent years told me this is their favorite Italian Metodo Classico. The color itself is unbelievable – I only have three bottles in stock, or I'll pop a bottle just to show you (who am I kidding? I'll be all over it, too). Seriously though, it's amber with orange and golden hues, and it's quite frankly hard to describe—a shapeshifting color (can you even say that? A hueshifting color, perhaps). Aromatic, structured, layered. If you had this wine and didn't like it, write it in the comments.

2) Pradarolo Indocilis Rosso Frizzante 2020

A medium-body fizzy wine made from Barbera. Dark red fruit, a balsamic note, useful tannins, and fine bubbles. As soon as you pour it into a glass, thick, light-pink froth fills half the glass, disappearing shortly after. It's quite a beautiful sight. This is not one of those poorly made, comically explosive, fizzy wines. This wine is the real deal, from the land of frizzantini! Emilia-Romagna docet, when it comes to sparkling wines.

3) Podere Pradarolo Maty Bianco Macerato Frizzante 2022

This is the newest addition to the Pradarolo family (have a look at the fifth image). Fine bubbles, wildflowers, passion fruit, ripe citrus, Earl Grey tea. Great mid-palate. Maty is a complex, food-friendly wine, make no mistake.