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Primal Wine Club is an inclusive wine club where everyone who joins becomes an active member of the natural wine community. We have several options for you to choose and all the natural wines from Primal Wine's collection can potentially be included in one of your packages.

🍾 Extra bottle on first shipment

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Why You Should Try It

How does it work?

🍷 You can choose between red, white, and mixed packs. Mixed packs always include red wine, white wine, and may include either red, white, rose', or orange wine, sparkling or still. We offer 3-pack and 6-pack monthly subscriptions.

📦 You can also choose whether you want 3 bottles per month or 6 bottles per month. The 6-pack option is the best value option we offer. Both options, 3 and 6 bottles, offer the best value if compared to our a la carte selection.

🏷 You can always check the prices of the wines in your subscription package since we also offer wines a la carte. We don't use cheap fillers, all our wines are from our current natural wine selection and are excellent.


When do I get charged?

📆 You will be charged when you sign up and then you will be charged every month, on the same day you signed up - i.e.: May 4, June 4, etc.

When will my order ship?

🚚 Your order will ship the first business day after you sign up and will be delivered via UPSGROUND. We are glad to offer you free shipping!

Can I cancel anytime?

👩‍💻 Yes, absolutely. You can cancel anytime with no penalty through your personal subscription manager. You can always contact us on

Natural Wine, Organic Wine, Biodynamic Wine, Vegan Wine, Low Sulfites Wine

What is Natural Wine?

Natural wine is a type of wine made in small batches from hand-harvested organic or biodynamic grapes with minimal intervention in the cellar. Natural wine is made with native yeasts as well as being bottled unfined and unfiltered. No or minimal sulfites are added. And yes, it is your new favorite type of wine!

Natural Wine Main Characteristics

Natural wines are made with minimal intervention in the cellar during the winemaking process. 

Natural wines are made with natural yeast; no industrial yeast is added to trigger fermentation or add a particular flavor to the wine.

The fermentation process is not controlled by chemicals or temperature-control devices.

Sulfur dioxide in minimal quantities is the only substance added to natural wines, serving as a stabilizer and preservative.

Natural wines are often bottled unfined and unfiltered and as a result, sediment collects at the bottom of the bottle.

Natural wines are made with organically or biodynamically-farmed grapes even though in some cases they are not certified.

Why Should I Try Natural Wine?

Natural wine is probably the most fascinating wine on the market. It can be wild and funky but it always shows a strong personality. Discovering natural wines is made even more exciting by the fact that each vintage is different and has a different flavor. The non-interventionist, hands-off winemaking approach, along with organic and biodynamic best practices in the vineyards, gives wines of unique character.


Shipping & Returns

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At Primal Wine we like to be transparent about everything we do. When it comes to buying products online, shipping is the most important aspect, and that’s why we take great care in shipping and handling your order using only 100% recycled packaging material.

We don't ship to AL, KY, DE, LA, MI, MS, ND, NH, OK, UT, RI, VA.

Shipping Rates and Options

An important premise: wine bottles are heavy – about 3 pounds each – and shipping is expensive!

Primal Wine is not backed by venture capital money – we proudly are a mom and pop independent online store – and we must charge shipping on all orders, otherwise we wouldn’t be in business.

However, we try our best to offer you very competitive shipping rates:

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at (323) 346-7175 or via e-mail at between 9 am and 5 pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Sunday, we would like to understand and try to solve your concerns.

We may make arrangements for a return and refund if appropriate, and only after we receive unopened products back to our warehouse.