Cellar for natural wine at Azienda Agricola Imazio Colline Novaresi

Azienda Agricola Imazio Colline Novaresi

Oct 11, 2023Guido Cattabianchi

Azienda Agricola Imazio, deeply rooted in its historical connection to the land, has records tracing back to the 1700s, as evidenced by archival land registry documents.

Azienda Agricola Imazio, a family-owned and operated estate is committed to producing organic wine, natural wine, and Nebbiolo wines, known locally as Spanna.

Their dedication extends beyond mere production; environmental conservation and the health integrity of their products are paramount concerns. Every phase of production, from cultivation to bottling, is meticulously overseen within the azienda's infrastructure.

In recent times, Azienda Agricola Imazio has further reinforced its commitment by adopting sustainable and organic agricultural methodologies. This includes the rigorous application of organic farming practices across all their operations, reflecting their intent to safeguard the ecological balance of the region and promote biodiversity.

Their adherence to these principles has earned them an organic certification from ICEA, underscoring their dedication to organic and natural wine production, including the esteemed Nebbiolo wines.

Their vineyard is situated on hilly clay terrain, facing southwest, and boasts over 3,000 vines per hectare, in the historic heart of Ghemme. The vineyard holds an organic certification. Between the rows of vines, they cultivate legumes and grasses. These crops provide nourishment to the vine roots. At Azienda Agricola Imazio only natural products are used for treatments, which helps to foster biodiversity throughout the estate.

As a historical reference, the wine from this Imazio's main vineyard was awarded a gold medal at the International Exhibition in Turin in 1928. Building on the pride of their ancestors from this accolade, they have consistently aimed to maintain this standard of excellence.

Imazio's wines are some of the best Piedmontese natural wines we've ever tried, and this is not an understatement. It's clear how they have total control over every aspect of production, and how every inch of their vineyards is tended with the utmost care.

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