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Le Batossay Puppet Nat 2020

Le Batossay • 750ml


Le Batossay Puppet Nat is made from Gamay and Cabernet Franc farmed organically. Grapes were manually picked, underwent a 12-day maceration, and were pressed. They were bottled with crown caps during ongoing primary fermentation. The process was completed without fining, filtering, disgorging, or adding SO2.


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Product Description

The Wine: Le Batossay Puppet Nat 2020

Le Batossay Puppet Nat is made from Gamay and Cabernet Franc farmed organically. Grapes were manually picked, underwent a 12-day maceration, and were pressed. They were bottled with crown caps during ongoing primary fermentation. The process was completed without fining, filtering, disgorging, or adding SO2.

The Producer: Le Batossay (Baptiste Cousin)

La Batossay is a project led by talented winemaker Baptiste Cousin and located in Boisairault, Anjou, Loire Valley, France. Baptiste Cousin's winery, part of the historic Château de Boisairault estate known for its tobacco production, was transformed from a dilapidated structure into a modern winemaking facility by Baptiste himself. His construction skills, inherited from his father, legendary winemaker Olivier Cousin, played a crucial role in this renovation. Baptiste's winery serves as his production site and has become a community hub, offering spaces for educational, dining, and event purposes, embracing the estate's long history.

Baptiste Cousin took over 4.5 hectares of vineyards from his father in 2012 and continues the family tradition of manual farming, using horses for plowing and creating biodynamic preparations. Despite his and his wines' popularity, Baptiste maintains a low profile, focusing on the essence of winemaking rather than his social media presence. The vineyards are certified organic, emphasizing ethical and local practices in line with the values of AB-Ecocert and Nature et Progrès.

In the cellar, Baptiste employs gravity to move grapes, favoring carbonic maceration for reds and direct pressing for whites without additives. His commitment to natural winemaking is evident in his playful branding, which includes a nod to his no-additive philosophy. The wines, primarily single-varietal, are known for their distinctiveness and are a testament to Baptiste's dedication to honest, vibrant winemaking. Baptiste's approach to vineyard management and winemaking reflects a deep respect for tradition and the land, ensuring his place in the legacy of exceptional winemakers.

The Region: Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a vast region located in western France. It stretches from the hills of Auvergne all the way to the Atlantic coast, cut in half by the Loire River. With over 4 million hectoliters of wine per year, the Loire Valley is one of France’s biggest and most diverse wine-producing regions. The Lore Valley’s production ranges from everyday quaffable and unpretentious wine to some of the country’s finest whites and reds.

The Terroir of the Loire Valley

Upper Loire sub-region: continental climate, soils are mostly flint and limestone formations. This is the land of Sauvignon Blanc, with Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé being the most famous appellations (AOC).

Touraine sub-region: continental climate, soils can be clay with flint or limestone, and chalk. Chenin Blanc is the main grape varietal for white wines, with Sauvignon Blanc coming in second. Red wines are made mostly from Cabernet Franc.

Anjou sub-region: maritime to continental climate, crumbly and soft soil formation called tuffeau. Anjou is well-known for its Chenin Blanc wines, mostly dry although there are good examples of sweet Chenin Blanc in Coteaux du Layon.

Saumur sub-region: continental to maritime climate, soils are made of tuffeau limestone in this similar to Anjou sub-region. Chenin Blanc is vinified as a sparkling wine with the champenoise method, Cabernet Franc is made into light and peppery wines.

Pays Nantais sub-region: maritime climate, the region stretches to the Atlantic Ocean. Soils are rocky with granite formations. Muscadet is the main grape varietal of this area, known for wines that are mineral, crisp, and refreshing.

The White Wines of Loire Valley

White wines represent the biggest share with about 65% of the total production. Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Melon de Bourgogne, and Chenin Blanc, Melon de Bourgogne are the most popular grape varietals in the region.

The Red Wines of Loire Valley

Loire Valley reds are very distinct in terms of their style. Light and lean, lively and fruity, easy-drinking and food-friendly, they are some of the best everyday wines on the market. Some of the best examples of this style are made from Gamay, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, and Malbec.


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