Carolina Gatti

Carolina Gatti La Bolla del Fugazi NV


Carolina Gatti La Bolla del Fugazi is a red sparkling natural wine made from a blend of Cabernet, Merlot, and Raboso farmed sustainably in the Treviso area of Veneto, Northern Italy. Spontaneous fermentation with native yeast, unfined, unfiltered, no added sulfites. Fizzy and crunchy with small berries and violets for a dry sparkler. Serving temperature: 45 F.

Wine Type:, Red
Wine Style:, Sparkling, Light Body
Vintage:, Non Vintage
Country:, Italy
Region:, Veneto
Bottle Size:, 750ml

Food Pairing:


Producer profile

Carolina Gatti

Carolina Gatti, a pioneering figure in the world of natural wine, helms Azienda Agricola Gatti, located in the Veneto region of Italy. Her commitment to natural winemaking is rooted deeply in a rich family tradition that dates back to the late 1800s. The estate is nestled in Ponte di Piave, near Treviso, and spans approximately 5 hectares, embracing a holistic approach to agriculture.

Carolina graduated with a degree in Oenology in 2012, specializing in the local variety Raboso del Piave, a grape known for its sharp acidity and unique character. Her passion for Raboso is evident, as she dedicated her dissertation to this variety and even named her blog "Rabosando."

The vineyards at Azienda Agricola Gatti are cultivated using the traditional and almost extinct "belussera" trellising system. This method demands rigorous manual labor and yields exceptional-quality grapes from vines, some of which are over 80 years old. Carolina, along with her father Lorenzo, mother Renata, and brother Lino, contribute to the vineyard's operations, embracing sustainable practices.

Aside from vine cultivation, the Gatti family also raises free-range livestock and grows grains and cereals organically. The organic manure from the livestock is used to fertilize the vineyards, thereby maintaining a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly farming ecosystem.

Carolina adheres to natural wine production principles in the cellar, eschewing the use of additives or invasive procedures. All fermentations occur spontaneously; she refrains from fining or filtering the wines. This approach ensures that the wines retain their authentic and unadulterated character.

Carolina's most notable wine, the Prosecco Bolle Corsare, is a testament to her commitment to natural winemaking. Despite not being recognized by the official Prosecco commission, it symbolizes her wines' authentic and independent nature. Fermented in cement like all of Carolina's wines, Bolle Corsare stands out with its rich aromas and flavors, distinguishing itself from conventional Proseccos.

Carolina Gatti's winery is a vibrant example of the natural wine movement, where traditional methods meet modern ecological principles, resulting in wines that are not just beverages but stories of the land and its stewards.

Wine region

Veneto, Italy


Located in north-eastern Italy, Veneto boasts a deep-rooted history that extends from its early days under the Roman Empire, transitioning through the influential Republic of Venice, and later becoming part of the Austrian Empire until its annexation to the Kingdom of Italy in 1866. This historical legacy positions Veneto as a significant region in Italy's cultural and viticultural narratives.


Geographically smaller than some of Italy's renowned wine-producing regions like Piedmont and Tuscany, Veneto is, nonetheless, the country's top wine producer. Its terroir is varied, with distinct geographical zones each offering unique climatic and soil conditions. To the northwest, the alpine foothills border Lake Garda, while the eastern region hosts Valpolicella, renowned for its red wines. Further east lies Soave, Gambellara, and the Colli Euganei region near Padua, known for distinct white varietals. The region spans 90,000 hectares, with 35,400 hectares designated as DOC. Notably, the last two decades have seen an increasing interest in organic and natural wine practices in Veneto.


In Veneto, the spectrum of wines is broad, with a focus on both red and white varietals. Red wines prominently feature grapes such as Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara, essential for producing the celebrated Amarone, Ripasso, and Recioto wines. On the white wine front, Garganega is the foundation of Soave, exhibiting characteristics of citrus and almond, while Glera, previously known as Prosecco, forms the base for the eponymous sparkling wine. Pinot Grigio and Trebbiano di Soave further diversify the white wine portfolio. The synergy between Veneto's wines and its regional cuisine, ranging from seafood delicacies of the Adriatic to traditional dishes like bigoli pasta, underscores the region's rich gastronomic heritage.

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What is natural wine?

What is natural wine?

Natural wine is a type of wine made in small batches from hand-harvested organic or biodynamic grapes with minimal intervention in the cellar.
What is Biodynamics?

What is Biodynamics?

Biodynamic wine is wine made with grapes farmed biodynamically. Biodynamic farming is a holistic approach to farming.
What is organic wine?

What is organic wine?

Organic wine is made with grapes farmed organically. Organic farming is a type of farming alternative to conventional farming.
What is vegan wine?

What is vegan wine?

Vegan wine is wine made without using animal products during the fining phase of the clarification process. Before wine is bottled it is usually clarified.