Poggio delle Baccanti

Poggio delle Baccanti Gragnano Turbo Frizzante 2022


Poggio delle Baccanti Gragnano Turbo Frizzante is a red wine from Campania made naturally from Aglianico and Piedirosso grapes farmed sustainably. Gragnano Rosso Frizzante is naturally fizzy and is great if paired with charcuterie and mature cheese or with pizza.

Dry/Sweet:, Dry
Wine Type:, Red
Wine Style:, Sparkling, Light Body
Grapes:, Field Blend
Farming:, Organic
Vintage:, 2022
Alcohol:, 12%
Country:, Italy
Region:, Campania
Appellation:, Campania IGP
Bottle Size:, 750ml
Sugar level:, Low Sugar, Zero Added Sugar

Food Pairing Ideas:

Spelt with kale, pulled beef and pomegranate seeds.


Producer profile

Poggio delle Baccanti

Poggio delle Baccanti, a family-run winery, is nestled in Moano in the picturesque Penisola Sorrentina near Naples, Italy. This small-scale winery is renowned for producing natural wines with distinct character, crafted from sustainably farmed indigenous grapes. The winery's approach to winemaking is rooted in low intervention, leveraging organic grapes and promoting spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts. Poggio delle Baccanti stands out for its commitment to creating quality wines without the addition of sulfites, ensuring a pure and authentic expression of the region's terroir.

The winery specializes in a range of wines that reflect the unique qualities of the Campania region. Their Gragnano Rosso Frizzante, for instance, is a naturally fizzy red wine made from Aglianico and Piedirosso grapes, ideal for pairing with charcuterie, mature cheese, or pizza. The grapes are grown in the fertile volcanic soils near Mount Vesuvius, contributing to the wine's distinctive flavor profile, combining dark purple fruit notes from Aglianico and ripe red fruit with lively acidity from Piedirosso.

Poggio delle Baccanti is also noted for its Lacryma Christi Rosso, a structured rustic red wine made from Piedirosso grapes. This wine is characterized by its dense tannin and dark fruit flavors resulting from organic farming and wild yeast fermentation. The maceration process is carefully managed to ensure a solid tannic structure, and the wine is left unfiltered and unfined, with minimal sulfite additions at bottling.

The winery has a rich family heritage in winemaking. It is run by brothers Raffaele and Paolo La Mura and their cousins Giovanni and Raffaele. They honor the local wine culture and deeply respect the land, adhering to organic farming and low-intervention winemaking practices. The wines from Poggio delle Baccanti encapsulate the essence of the Sorrento Peninsula's volcanic terroir and the rich winemaking traditions of the Campania region.

Wine region

Campania, Italy

Campania, located in southern Italy, has a rich vinicultural history rooted in ancient civilizations. The region's association with viticulture can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, who introduced the practice to the area. Their impact is evident in the nomenclature of some contemporary wines and grape varieties. Subsequent Roman periods not only upheld these viniculture traditions but enhanced them, with Campania's Falernian wine gaining particular renown in the ancient world.

The terroir of Campania provides both opportunities and challenges for viticulturists. The region's volcanic soils, especially those proximate to Vesuvius, are mineral-rich, contributing distinctive qualities to the wines. While the Mediterranean climate ensures grape ripening and maintains necessary acidity, the rugged terrain often necessitates vineyards to be situated on steep inclines, limiting mechanization. Consequently, Campania's winemaking has maintained an organic and natural wine-making approach, preserving its artisanal character.

Campania boasts a range of signature varietals.

Aglianico: Predominantly expressed in the Taurasi DOCG, this red grape is celebrated for its tannic structure and notes of dark fruit, tobacco, and spice.

Fiano: This white grape, which flourishes in Campania's volcanic terrains, is renowned in its Fiano di Avellino DOCG variant. Its profile includes hazelnut, spice, and pear aromas.

Greco: Mainly identified in the Greco di Tufo DOCG, this white grape has a pronounced mineral profile with hints of peaches and almonds, often accompanied by a zesty finish.

Falanghina: An age-old grape with contemporary relevance, Falanghina wines are fragrant, with dominant citrus and floral notes. They pair well with Campania's seafood offerings.

Following World War II, Campania experienced a decline in wine production. However, the late 20th century marked a renaissance, propelled by innovative winemakers tapping into the potential of indigenous grapes. This resurgence has facilitated Campania's wines in garnering international recognition, appealing to both experts and beginners. The future remains promising for Campania, with a new era of winemakers merging modern techniques with time-honored practices, ensuring the wines reflect both tradition and progression.

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What is vegan wine?

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