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Giovanni Mesina – The Shepherd Who Makes Wine
The Mesina family is not native to Umbria. Rather, they are generations-old Sardinians who have adopted and have been adopted, by central Umbria. Giovanni was born in Sardegna, close to where Gallura and its famous Vermentino is made, but grew...
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Tenuta Ca’ Sciampagne is located near the town of Urbino, Marche Region, Central Italy. Leonardo Cossi is the "cantiniere and vignaiolo" at the estate, where he farms organically and makes wine as naturally as possible.
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Colbacco is one of the most interesting natural wine projects out of Umbria, Central Italy. Colbacco is the brainchild of three friends, Guido, Luca, and Marco, three very different personalities brought together by the love of the land and of...