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Márcio Lopes Laranja Skin-contact Rebento 2022

Márcio Lopes • 750ml


Márcio Lopes Laranja Skin-contact Rebento is a white natural wine made from a blend of Vinho Verde native white grape varieties with some extended maceration on the skins. Organic farming, low intervention in the cellar.


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Product Description

The Wine: Laranja Skin-contact Rebento 2022

Márcio Lopes Laranja Skin-contact Rebento is a white natural wine made from a blend of Vinho Verde native white grape varieties with some extended maceration on the skins. Organic farming, low intervention in the cellar.

The Producer: Márcio Lopes

Márcio Lopes, initially an engineer, honed his winemaking skills with Vinho Verde expert Anselmo Mendes in Melgaço and furthered his experience in Australia. Returning to Portugal in 2010, he launched Pequeños Rebentos in Vinho Verde and began vinifying the Loureiro varietal in 2016. Lopes champions low-intervention winemaking, emphasizing natural yeasts and the quality of fruit. His wines, reflecting this philosophy, are notably fresh, vibrant, and true to their terroir.

The Region: Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde, located in northwest Portugal, is renowned for its youthful, fresh wines influenced by the Atlantic Ocean's maritime climate. While the region's white wines, made from varietals like Alvarinho and Loureiro, are celebrated for their effervescence and aromatic profiles, its history-rich viticulture also produces reds and rosés. Modern winemakers are blending tradition with innovation, increasingly exploring natural wine and organic wine practices. This evolution showcases Vinho Verde's commitment to authenticity and the region's diverse terroir.

The red wines of Vinho Verde, much, much lesser-known than their white counterparts, are also great. Made from the Vinhão grape, these red wines are deep-hued, with a vibrant ruby color. On the palate, they are characterized by red fruit flavors, a touch of earthiness, and a rustic edge. The wines retain the signature freshness of the region. While traditionally consumed young and locally, there's a growing interest in these reds, especially among enthusiasts seeking organic and natural wine expressions. Their unique profile offers a different, more intense taste of the Vinho Verde region, proving its versatility and depth in winemaking.

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